Do you get tangible results using LinkedIn?

This eBook will serve you as a guide and practical manual with numerous examples and exercises. 

It sublimates every single information I share at my workshops, plus even more. 

No bullshit. Only the essence. 

Janja's Linkedin secrets

Who is the LinkedIn eBook for?

It is intended for anyone who wants to unleash the full potential of this network, get more clients, find a new job, build both their personal and a professional brand, and finally use this network to advance their career. 

You are going to learn:

How LinkedIn works and what makes it different from other social networks

How to arrange and optimize your LinkedIn profile, so that it appears in top search results


How to build a high-quality network and sell your products or services

What kind of content performs best on LinkedIn

How to reach relevant people and get hired at a desired workplace

How to create and optimize your company page

How to build a personal brand and position yourself as an expert in your field.


What paid options are available on LinkedIn

+ Plenty of tips, tricks and tolls that will speed-up whole process and make it flawless

Janja Jovanović

My name is Janja (pronounced Yanya), and I’m a digital marketer. 

I help companies and brands develop digital marketing strategies, increase their customer bases and build their online brand identities.

So far, I’ve provided my services to clients from the US, Canada, Israel, Switzerland and Slovenia, coming from various industries such as SaaS, healthcare & medical, tourism, education, and others.

Besides that, I hold training sessions and workshops on digital marketing topics, and my LinkedIn course is among the most popular ones. 

My LinkedIn story

Three years ago, I decided to get more actively involved with LinkedIn. I wanted to test it and see where it could get me to. Since I was proactive and willing to share my knowledge, it didn’t take long before numerous business opportunities started to arise.

I was being invited to appear at different seminars and conferences as a guest lecturer, to provide guidance on LinkedIn and how to get the most out of it. My posts generated a lot of engagement and people recognized me on the street as a “girl from Linkedin”… I was practically popping out of the people’s fridges 😁

Viralni marketing

Then I started to hold workshops and private sessions. After more than three hundred people went through it, I’ve decided to create this LinkedIn eBook.

It is primarily intended for people from Serbian-speaking region, but after favorable reviews and success in sales, I’m offering it to the international audience 🙂

You will find all the little secrets allowing me to make  money from this network 

Linkedin eBook eng

eBook impressions

Highly useful eBook with practical examples and clear explanations. It’s concise and free of redundant information. You will only get what’s really needed to present yourself there in the best way possible, and ultimately build your career as an expert in your field.

Jovana Jovanović

The eBook is well-written, it’s precise and free of useless information. It’s packed with examples and screenshots that illustrate every single step of the way. The reader is first presented with a big picture, and then all the possibilities are revealed in detail. It’s smooth, clear and it reads in one breath. To me, this eBook is more than great! I’m eager to implement all the things I’ve learned 🙂

Milica Ristić
Social Media Manager

The eBook met my expectations completely. I like it because everything is backed up with examples, and especially because Janja is going to extend it further. It motivated me to think more deeply about LinkedIn and all the useful stuff I wasn’t aware of before. I’ve also learned plenty of tricks to be implemented on my profile.

Filip Janković
Founder at Nest Advertising

I was somehow scared from LinkedIn as a social network, since it has a certain dose of seriousness. Now my perception is completely different. This eBook answered a lot of my questions. I’m able to define my target group and I’ve discovered new ways of connecting with important people and started to think of a LinkedIn profile as of my own presentation. Also, I regularly try out all the tricks Janja shared with us.

Hristina Veselinović

This eBook is fantastic! At first I read it in one breath, and now I’m studying it, doing exercises and implementing everything I learned. I have filled-out my Business Canvas Model; after I finalize my website I’m planning to create my LinkedIn business page. It is concise, simple and comprehensive. The ebook helped me to learn a lot of new things and remind myself of some of the old ones.

Marko Skrobonja
Director of Corporate Sales at Orion telekom

Many young people invest in a college without questioning the investment. However, when you get an offer like an e-book, or a seminar, many people question the quality of the knowledge because it is usually less than 0.1% of the price of one-year college tuition, you are promised to get much more, and it is shorter. Janja's book is full of practical knowledge - nothing I used to see in 400 pages of useless college books. Practical, concise and right to the point. Highly suggest!

Nikola Novaković
Street Artist

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By applying the tips from this guide, I stronly believe that you will advance your business and get much more return than invested in Linkedin eBook.

I hope you’re ready, cause we’re taking off! 🚀